13 July 2009

30 years of... Eardrum Damage?

Did you know that this month is the thirty year anniversary of the Sony Walkman? But what would we be celebrating: thirty years of personal musical mobility or thirty years of first- and second-hand deafness? If you've ever been, for example, on the subways of New York City and sat next to someone using their loud-ass iPod, then you know exactly what I mean by "second-hand deafness." When someone is using his or her headphones, one would think that others shouldn't suffer. At least when you're near a loud boombox, you have no illusions about your impending hearing loss. As for the "first-hand" part, all I can say is,"Geez Louise, people! Turn that mess down! I could hear your music from the other end of the subway car! Hey! Didn't you hear what I just said to you?!"

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