07 July 2009

Ringo & Maxwell

Because of MJ's memorial service today, I'm sure that two other artists got lost in the shuffle: Maxwell and Ringo Starr. Maxwell's first CD in years, BLACKsummers'night, dropped today. The NY Times did this piece on him last week.

And today is Ringo's 69th birthday! He's my favorite Beatle but for some reason, he's always shunned as though his contribution to the band was unimportant. I don't understand how anyone can underestimate the power of a good drummer; just how much a band sucks is in direct proportion to how much their stickman (or woman) sucks, in my opinion. His or her job is to keep time for the whole band and to be the foundation of the whole outfit. The fact of the matter is John, Paul, and George knew Ringo from around Liverpool when he was known as the best drummer in the city and he was playing for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. The other Beatles wanted him and it was only when Ringo joined that the band started to become so huge. Ringo Starr is a rock solid drummer and he was the Beatle with the most number one hits after the band broke up. I love you Ringo! Happy birthday!

Here are videos of two of his big hits. You might notice in the "No No Song" a picture of Ringo with a white streak in his hair. He was a sickly child and he started going grey by his late teens. The mop top haircuts hid that streak for years but around the time of Let It Be , Ringo's hair wasn't brushed forward as much and the white part was more visible.

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