21 June 2009


You were born in Manchester, England, in 1956. You marry an 18 year old girl named Deborah when you are 19 and begin to work at a job placement center for people with special needs in Macclesfield. At a Sex Pistols concert, you run into 3 blokes who need a new singer for their band Warsaw and you volunteer. After playing some local gigs, you attract the attentions of a new manager, Rob Gretton, and a label owner with his own TV show, Tony Wilson. Legend has it that when you and your band signs to Wilson's Factory Records, Gretton convinces Wilson to complete the contract with his own blood in order to demonstrate his enthusiasm and sincerity. Your band records its first EP after changing its name; the old name is too close to that of another music group and the new name refers to an area in concentration camps where sex slaves service Nazi soldiers. After suffering a grand mal seizure, you are diagnosed with epilepsy, prescribed a number of medications, and instructed to start going to bed earlier and to stop drinking alcohol, commands that you ignore. You become a father, quit your day job, and continue to tour and record. Your epileptic fits continue as well, sometimes on stage, which leads some of your fans to mistakenly think it's part of your performance. You take on a mistress and eventually Deborah asks for a divorce, which you actually don't want (your band's biggest hit chronicles your marital problems). Overwhelmed by the demands of your career, your family, your affair, your failing marriage, and your flagging health, you attempt suicide twice. The second time, you succeed. You are 23.

Choosing to continue without you, your band changes its name to New Order and achieves great success. Your widow writes a book about her life with you. And a Dutch photographer who used to take pictures of you and your band decides that you should be the subject of his directorial film debut in 2007.

You are Ian Curtis. Your band is Joy Division. Your biggest hit is "Love Will Tear Us Apart". The book is Touching From a Distance. The movie is Control. Its director is Anton Corbijn.

Urge everyone to see your movie.

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