21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day for all the Guilty Dads

If you know Harry Chapin's classic from 1974 "Cats in the Cradle" you know exactly what I mean. It's a sad tune about how when you don't spend time with your children, they won't feel so inclined to spend time with you when they grow up. Even if you think you've never heard this song, trust me , you have. It's still played constantly to musically highlight parental guilt trips in movies, TV shows, and advertisements. Here's the man himself singing live:

But if you prefer, there's the Johnny Cash version or even the grunge one from 1992 by Ugly Kid Joe. I definitely remember this video from MTV, you know back when MTV actually stood for "Music Television" and not "Mind-numbing and asinine reality shows Television."

Anyhoo, outside of "Cradle", his only #1 hit, Chapin is best remembered as a humanitarian. For example, he gave away most of his money to different charities and he cofounded the World Hunger Year Foundation, which is still going strong. Sadly, Chapin is not. While en route to perform at a free concert in July 1981, Chapin suffered a heart attack and crashed his car on the Long Island Expressway. He was 38. Find out more about him here.

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